Hi! My name is Pamela Morrison, MS RD (Registered Dietitian) and as you could probably imagine, this is my blog! Nutrition and healthy living is a huge passion of mine. I have both my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in human nutrition. Food is undoubtedly my life- I study food, read books about food, watch only the food network (plus some college football), teach people about food, etc… on a daily basis. Every work experience I’ve had has been around food- whether as a waitress, in a commercial hospital kitchen, in clinical dietetics, and in nutrition wellness programs. And I could not be happier, I consider myself so lucky to have found something that I love so early on in my life.

My work experience has focused mostly on clinical nutrition with an emphasis on older adult/ long-term care. My research while achieving my Masters degree focused on mindful eating among college students and attempts to show some connections between mindful eating practices and the consumption of convenience foods. This summer, I will become a registered yoga teacher and I hope to blend my passions of nutrition and yoga into a holistic view on food and nutrition lifestyle.

There is SO much misinformation out there about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and basically everything imaginable. I aspire to be a resource- for you to come here and receive valid, evidence-based nutrition advice, and tips related to yoga, mindfulness, and lifestyle modifications.

Thanks for visiting!

– Pam

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